Treasures for your garden, yard, or home. Created by Jo, these one-of-a-kind sculptures capture a novel, whimsical style found nowhere else.
Intended to be mounted on a 1/2" pipe or electrical conduit that has been hammered into the ground, they may also be mounted on a fence, in a tree or bush, or on a wall (with additional mounting hardware, of course).
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PLEASE NOTE: Shipping and handling costs are separate and will be quoted after purchase order. Longevity of outside installations will be affected to some degree by weather, sun, water quality (sprinklers), etc. You can extend longevity by taking precautions, such as covering with a plastic bag from time to time. Be careful when using a lawn mower nearby as stones or pebbles kicked out by the mower can do significant damage. For ground installations, we recommend sinking a 1/2" pipe or electrical conduit (approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the pipe length). Use a block of wood to protect the top end of the pipe as it is hammered into the ground. All sales are final. All items are sold as-is and may not be returned for refunds or exchanges. We know you will enjoy your Garden Art for many years!


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