Our Bath and Beauty products use only the best, and freshest ingredients.

As such, we do not keep an inventory on the shelf.

Your order is created upon request. This assures you the best and freshest product possible,  minimizes waste of resources, and is kind to the environment.

Some products, such as soaps, may require a couple weeks to process and "cure".

So, no, it's not immediate gratification... But, gratification will be had!

You won't be disappointed!

Thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding.

What Our Customers Say

“One of my favorite things that Jo makes is her Brown Sugar and Lime in da Coconut Sugar Cube Soap Scrubs. I always try to order more way before I run out"



- Bob H

“I first saw Jo's Garden Art at a show she was in. I was captivated by her creativity and sense of style. I bought one then and once I saw what fun flair it added to my garden, I had to have a couple more!”


- Theresa M

“Her soaps leave my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. And I love her fragrances! I'll never go back to those nasty store-bought soaps.”




- Katherine K

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