Jo Lasky
Owner; Designer, Alchemist, and Perfumier Florida born, Colorado raised, and California based. Jo is self-taught in the art of perfumery, fragrances, organic-chemistry, all aspects of soap-making, uses of natural and synthetic compounds, crafts, gardening, and computer graphics. A true renaissance woman of the modern age. Studying the craft her entire life, Jo began The Gardens of Panjora in 2004. Her self-guided studies in perfumery have taken her from the lessons and accumulated knowledge of such greats as Steffen Arctander, Anthony Curtis, David Williams. Tirelessly researching ancient, as well as modern techniques in the art of her craft.
Jo Lasky also lovingly, and humbly, shares her knowledge via online classes and groups where her opinion, insight, and acquired knowledge is sought after by her friends and students.