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All about soap-making

Getting Clean: The Science of Soap By Rachel Ross, Live Science Contributor | November 30, 2016 06:49pm ET Public health officials encourage handwashing with soap and clean, running water to prevent the spread of germs and infections. If clean water is not available, using any … Continue reading

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Eucalypt Reveals Smelly Secret Tuesday, 5 March 2013 Dani Cooper ABC Science Biologists have uncovered a yellowbox eucalyptus tree that is able to change the smell of its leaves from one side of the tree to the other to protect itself against predation. … Continue reading

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Jo Lasky Interview by Saponifier Magazine (12/12)

Advice for Creating a Scentsational Line Scent:  it means so much to each one of us, although we don’t always realize it.  We know we like to use a nice variety in our creations, whether candle, soap, or cosmetics, but … Continue reading

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