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Luxury Perfume Makers Create Stink over Europe Allergy Laws By Reuters PARIS – Luxury perfume brands fear the European Union is about to introduce measures that could cripple the $25 billion global industry in the name of protecting consumers against allergies.   New laws could severely curb or … Continue reading

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Your Perfume May Soon Be Produced by Bacteria BY TANYA LEWIS 07.19.12 2:10 PM   The next time you savor the sweet flavor of vanilla ice cream or the fresh orange scent of a hand soap, you may have bacteria to thank. Fragrance companies are now looking to lab-engineered … Continue reading

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Eucalypt Reveals Smelly Secret Tuesday, 5 March 2013 Dani Cooper ABC Science Biologists have uncovered a yellowbox eucalyptus tree that is able to change the smell of its leaves from one side of the tree to the other to protect itself against predation. … Continue reading

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