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Now You Can Smell Like an Old Book By Ashley Weatherford Follow @sincerelyash I’ve always loved the smell of old books — and now, strangely enough, there’s a new perfume that will help me smell them all the time. J.T. Siems, the founder of Sweet Tea Apothecary, … Continue reading

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Scent Can Be a Powerful Memory Trigger Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories? The smell of cookies baking might remind you of spending time at your grandmother’s house when you were a small child. The scent … Continue reading

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Eye lens and nose cells for smelling have same origin

( A team of researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have discovered a unique mechanism by which the same signal molecule determines the formation of the both the lens of the eye and the olfactory cells of the nose. Smell … Continue reading

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Genetics can determine why we smell certain odors differently, studies find   By Meeri Kim, Published: August 1 E-mail the writer The next time you argue with a friend about the whiff of cilantro in your stir-fry that he finds disgusting­­, blame his genes.All of us inhabit our own flavor world that is highly … Continue reading

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Luxury Perfume Makers Create Stink over Europe Allergy Laws By Reuters PARIS – Luxury perfume brands fear the European Union is about to introduce measures that could cripple the $25 billion global industry in the name of protecting consumers against allergies.   New laws could severely curb or … Continue reading

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Your Perfume May Soon Be Produced by Bacteria BY TANYA LEWIS 07.19.12 2:10 PM   The next time you savor the sweet flavor of vanilla ice cream or the fresh orange scent of a hand soap, you may have bacteria to thank. Fragrance companies are now looking to lab-engineered … Continue reading

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Eucalypt Reveals Smelly Secret Tuesday, 5 March 2013 Dani Cooper ABC Science Biologists have uncovered a yellowbox eucalyptus tree that is able to change the smell of its leaves from one side of the tree to the other to protect itself against predation. … Continue reading

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Jo Lasky Interview by Saponifier Magazine (12/12)

Advice for Creating a Scentsational Line Scent:  it means so much to each one of us, although we don’t always realize it.  We know we like to use a nice variety in our creations, whether candle, soap, or cosmetics, but … Continue reading

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The perfumers’ skills are not to be sniffed at By Vicki Woods 7:38PM GMT 01 Feb 2013   Ambergris may not have the most fragrant of origins, but it’s vital for the noblest of noses Ambergris was a low note (leathery, mossy), but it was mostly used by 19th- … Continue reading

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40 Alluring Perfume Bottle Design Showcase by SONNY on FEBRUARY 11, 2012 Of all the products, perfume has one of the most creative packaging and bottle designs. Simply because perfume is used to smell good and pleasing to other people. With that in mind, perfume marketing strategists more … Continue reading

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